Guardianship and Conservatorship

Courts and individuals routinely turn to experienced lawyers in cases involving individuals who lack mental competency to make their own financial or personal decisions, either because they are minors or, alternatively, they face mental health challenges. Whether it is an adversarial court proceeding and/or you seek an experienced:

  • Guardian
  • Conservator

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Protecting Mom & Dad and their money

When it is proven that a family member cannot think clearly for himself or herself, especially when safety issues get in the way, courts may appoint a guardian for the person or a conservator to help with the finances. This may occur due to advanced age or physical or cognitive impairments.

  • Families who require a family member appointed guardian or conservator for their loved one.
  • Seniors who feel their personal freedom or finances threatened or raided by family, friends or acquaintances experience the ultimate betrayal.

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