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Gaglini Law Group LLC concentrates on Music and Entertainment Law, Advertising, Media and Production with a sub-specialty in child performers, Probate and Family Law, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Guardian ad litem, Dispute Mediation, Probate and Divorce Mediation. Consultations and ongoing representation are offered to companies contracting with young performers and their parents in addition to young performers and their parents.

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Family Law

Working hard over the years, you may have a large or small nest egg put away. At some point, problems arise and after counseling and much soul…

Probate, Estate & Trust

Protecting coveted family members and relationships through traditional litigation, divorce mediation, probate mediation, guardian ad…


Courts and individuals routinely turn to experienced lawyers in cases involving individuals who lack mental competency to make their own…

Entertainment Law

Providing protection of intellectual property and client brands for advertising and entertainment, music copyright, digital rights, music…

Employing Minors

Employing minors in entertainment productions presents unique responsibilities for employers, parents and young performers…


The overriding reason for choosing mediation can be summed up with one word: SAVINGS. However, it isn’t just money that people save…

Entertainment Law: Music

The Music industry has changed drastically with the advent of the downloadable single and the proliferation of music sharing. If you seek assistance with…

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