Family Law

Working hard over the years, you may have a large or small nest egg put away. At some point, problems arise and after counseling and much soul searching, you eventually throw in the towel. Sadly, your marriage ends. Almost instinctively, you and your spouse hire family law litigators straight away, healthy retainers plunked down to bind future legal services. Understandably, each of you wants your voices and interests heard with your respective wishes, front and center. Off to the races you go, with two or more lawyers squaring off for ongoing and time-consuming court battles. Families seeking an experienced family law attorney in high conflict divorce, paternity or custody matters to protect family members and relationships to:

  • Resolve and mediate divorce, separate support, custody or other family matter in dispute as an advocate or mediator
  • Negotiate divorce, separation, custody or shared parenting arrangements.
  • Negotiate and Create Pre-nuptial agreements, property division agreements, child custody agreements, alimony support contracts, post-divorce modifications
  • Represent the child – Attorney for the child
  • Serve as guardian ad litem (GAL) for a child or a protected person under disability. *

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* Sally Gaglini is a MA Probate & Family Court certified Guardian ad Litem (GAL) under the following categories: D, F & N.